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Lunzer is a global leader in designing and manufacturing quality diamond and CBN products. Our mission is to increase your productivity and create bottom line results. From the cutting tool needed to machine the original Mercury heat shield to the miniature drills used to manufacture microfluidic delivery systems, Lunzer is here.  Advice, Design, and Productivity Results.

Lunzer - Your Global Partner

Lunzer's customers are situated around the world. Our customers' product lines include; brake linings, laser gyroscopes, fiberglass towers, hip joints, aspheric lenses, ceramic rollers, body and vehicle armor, even knife sharpening. There is little we have not seen or use our inherent knowledge to assist you.

A Messge From Our President

When I was six years old my father  came home from a trip visiting McDonell Aircraft in St. Louis and showed me a hunk of metal,  the material to be used on the Mercury Spacecraft for it's use as the heat shield. From then I was hooked and knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up. Half a century later Lunzer continues to work in partnership with our customers to grow core businesses and contributing hands on assistance for new technologies continually developed.

We look forward to working with you.

Jay Lunzer


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